RE Series PSC Motors
The RE range of motors use PSC (permanent split capacitor) technology that allows better efficiency than the traditional shaded pole at an affordable cost.

Elco has transferred its long experience in PSC motors for large fans and blowers to smaller axial fans for refrigeration applications. Single rotation models come standard with on-board capacitor.
General Specification
  • Output power: 10 to 18 watts
  • Poles: 2 only
  • Enclosure: Ventilated or totally enclosed
  • Speeds: Single
  • Insulation: Up to IP66
  • Temperature rating: -40C to +40C
  • Fixing: 4 studs drive end, 2 side studs (optional)
Elco Part No. Model No.
REV2T18PNN003 R 18-25/015
RET1T18PNN002 R 18-25/008
RET1T18PNN003 R 18-25/009
RET2T18PNA001 R 18-25/005
RET2T18PNN001 R 18-25/001
RET2T18PNN002 R 18-25/011
RET3T10PNN201 R 10-25/004
RET4T10NNN201 R 10-25/006
RET4T18NNN001 R 18-25/007
RET4T18NNN002 R 18-25/010
RET4T18NNN201 R 18-25/012
RET4T18PNN001 R 18-25/002
RET4T18PNN002 R 18-25/014
RET8T18PNN001 R 18-25/003
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