M58 Motors
Our M58 fans and motors are designed and built for industrial and commercial refrigeration and well as small condensing units. We use a 2 pole motor with a thermoplastic body for strength and longevity along with self lubricating and self aligning sleeve bearings for a long and maintenance free life.

These motors and fans carry a class IP42 IP44 protection and class B insulation and run at a nominal tension of 230V. 50-60Hz with an output of 1-2 Watts. Design to withstand temperatures of -30C to +40C. All models are impedance protected.
General Specification
  • Temperature range: -30C and +40C.
  • Application: Ventilation & refrigeration.
  • Fixing position: Horizontal with condensing holes or vertical.
Elco Part No. Model No.
4032001 M58 1-12
4032002 MA58 1-12-100
4032003 MA58 1-12-100-S
4032004 MA58 1-20-154
4032005 MA58 1.5-30-154
4032006 MA58 1-30-154
4032007 MA58 1-20
4032008 MA58 1.5-30
4032009 MA58 1-30
4032010 MA58 1-12-100-SF
4036012 3MG 2-50-35/1
4020145 MIA 1-20-26/184
4020160 MI 1-20-0/190
Elco BFD6040NC0002 N/A
Elco BFD6040NN0001 N/A
40101317 3KTM 30-38/2
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T: +44(0)1427614141 / +44(0)1427800080 F: +44(0)1427617513 E: sales@elco-motors.co.uk
Marshal Way, Gainsborough
Lincolnshire DN211XU
T: +44(0)1427614141
E: sales@elco-motors.co.uk
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