CN Range
These are the simplest of all motor types. They consist of a die cast rotor assembly and a single bobbin wound stator. The starting torque of these motors is determined by the diameter of the shading coil. Generally the higher the starting torque the lower the running performance, so generally a fine balance is made between performance and torque rating. The shaded pole motors have a rated output power from 1-8 watts, 2 pole, single speed, open or closed end-shields, self aligning sleeve bearings, protection class IP20 and IP44, insulation class B. “No Frost” models are also available upon request. Threaded bolts are used for mounting and rings, brackets and fan blades are available accessories. All models can be thermally protected.
These motors can be found in:
General Specification
  • Output power: 1-8 watts
  • Poles: 2
  • Enclosure: Totally enclosed or ventilated end shields
  • Bearings: Self aligning sleeve bearings
  • Supply: Single phase 115/120v & 220/240v, 50hz
  • Insulation: Class B, H & F
  • Rotation: CW or ACW
  • Temperature rating: -30°C and +40°C.
Elco Part No. Model No.
40141317CN S 6-30/200
40141361CN 5-20/201
40141392CN S 3-20/206
40141414CN S 3-20/213
40141440CN S 1-12/207
40141443CN S 8-30/200
40141455CN 5-30
40141460CN 3-20-0/205
40391062CN CM 2-15-0/2
CNN2T05ZNB001CN 5-30/028
CNN2U04NNB201CN 4-20/018
CNN2U08NNB101CN 8-30/008
CNN2U10NNB101CN 10-35-0/019
CNN3U03NNB101CN 3-20/014
CNN5U03NNB101CN 3-20-0/007
CNN5U03ZNB001CN 3-15/016
CNN5U05NNB101CN 5-20/009
CNN5U05ZNH101CN 5-20/037
CNN6P02NNE001CN 2-15/011
CNN6P02NNE301CN 2-15/010
CNN6R02NNE001CN 2-15/013
CNN6R02NNE301CN 2-15/012
CNP2U03NNB304CN 3-15-0/022
CNP3U02NNB102CN 2-15/023
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